‘Justice will be done’ say police in murder of student in Cha-Am


Police in Cha-Am say that justice will be served as they investigate the murder of Silapakorn university student Theerapong Thitithan,  24.

Theerapong died after having a screwdriver embedded in his skull in an attack by a mob of youths at his lodgings in Cha-Am.

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The victims mother said from his hometown of Lang Suan, Chumporn, at the weekend that the body of her son would not be cremated until all the people responsible were found Thairath reported.

There are rumors circulating that some of those involved are children of “influential” figures in Petchburi including a former MP. The victim’s mother threatened to parade her son’s corpse in Petchburi if justice is not done.

Yesterday 14 people gave themselves up and one was arrested on a warrant. Another three are sought and are expected to be in custody shortly.

Investigation chief Pakhin Siwmethakun of Cha-Am police showed reporters CCTV footage yesterday and they listened to a recording of a conversation he had with the victim’s family.

He said that the tragedy of the case is that the mob were after another person and that the victim was entirely innocent. He said: “No matter if those involved are the children of influential people, politicians or people in uniform – they will all be prosecuted and brought to justice”.

The case is being closely monitored by provincial police chief Surapong Chaijan.

So far all those in custody have denied killing Theerapong. Some said they were there but not involved. Others said they attacked friends of the victim but not the victim himself.

The incident occurred on February 25th. One of the other people who was at the student lodgings told reporters that many people had arrived in three vehicles looking for someone who was not there.

When they admitted that they knew the person the mob was looking for they were set upon. Several people were injured as they were attacked with bottles and screwdrivers.

Pakhin named the man arrested on a warrant as Kornkanok Waranyasathit, 23. Of the total of 18 involved four were women and the rest men. They could all face charges of premeditated murder.

He said that he was due to meet with the victim’s mother today to go over developments in the case.

Report shared by Thairath & ThaiVisa