Fake maid on Pattaya crime spree

Picture: Thairath
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PATTAYA: — A German man who took a woman to his room to be his maid soon became a victim of theft.

Jorg Gunter Olaf, 59, was on hand at Pattaya police station yesterday to finger the woman who he had taken home Thairath reported.

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She is Naree “Ole” Isapong, 48. Police said she was quite hard to find for though she had committed similar crimes before she was not on any house registration documents.

When she was born her parents had not registered her as having existed at all.

She had given cops the run around by stating several fictitious names.

A search of her room in Soi Yai Lao uncovered Mr Olaf’s watch and several other items of stolen property in other thefts.

Naree’s modus operandi was to befriend foreign men then apply to work for them as maids. She also cased houses belonging to foreign men who lived alone and were careless about their property.

Report shared by: Thairath and ThaiVisa

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