Video: Minivan driver pays 5,000 baht fine for dangerous driving after passenger films him on Pattaya to Bangkok run

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The Land Transport department has fined a minivan driver 5,000 baht after he appeared on a video made by a frightened passenger.

A woman claimed that the driver – who refused to give his name or turn on a light to reveal his identity – was overtaking on the left and right, speeding and frightening all the passengers.

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She claimed one other woman moved further to the back because she was scared by the erratic driving.

Following the journey the poster of the clip, that was viewed right across social media, filmed the registration plate and company name that enabled the authorities to nail the driver.

Ekachai Nuamprem admitted he was the driver in the video and said he was in the wrong. He was fined the top rate of 5,000 baht under Regulation 111 that refers to speeding, negligent and dangerous driving.

He was also ordered to attend three hours of training in how to offer a better public service. And he was warned that a further infraction would mean a suspension of his license or its removal altogether.

In the video the woman poster challenges Ekachai about his driving to which he replies: “I’ve been driving for years”.

She asks the other passengers for their comments on his driving skills but gets little response though she claims one young woman moved from a front seat further back because she was scared.

There is room for some light-heartedness, however, as she asks him to turn on the light inside the van so she “can see his handsome face”.

Ekachai does not turn on the light.

Eventually the woman gets out and the remaining passengers continue on their way.

Report shared by Daily News & ThaiVisa

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