Has Nat split up with hearthrob Harold?

As a former porn star, 'Nong Nat' still shows a bit of flesh on Instagram
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The world is holding its collective breath as rumors are circulating that ex porn queen Nat Ketsarin – or Nong Nat – has split up from her 70 year old heartthrob husband Harold.

While it now appears that Nat – who was thought to not be getting much attention between the sheets from her rich American lover – could be contemplating a return to the porn business she left behind for her stab at marital bliss.

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Sanook.com reported that the rumors among her many online fans are flying thick and fast – both adjectives that seem to apply to the busty Nat in abundance.

Firstly she has been going on to Facebook live showing herself undressing in the shower. Hardly exemplary wifely behavior, even her die-hardest of diehard fans are saying.

Many are even warning her that this could corrupt youth and lead to copycat behavior in the modest Thai society.

Secondly, and perhaps more revealing even than the raunchy half naked shower scenes, is the fact that the familiar luvvy-duvvy pictures of the couple have disappeared from her website.

Gone are the romantic moments as Nat stared lovingly into Harold’s eyes as sweet parting beckoned at the airport.

Deleted are the romantic snapshots as Nat lovingly cut Harold’s gnarly toenails and scraped out his toe fug.

Removed forever is the classic picture of the comely young wife affectionately tying her handsome hubby’s shoelaces as he tries to hide the mysterious pregnancy he appears to have developed.

Sanook said it could all just be wicked rumors. But they strongly suggested she is going back into the sex business. And the marriage could finally be over.

But they admitted that we will just have to wait for Nat’s next announcement to discover the naked truth.

Report shared by Sanook & Thai Visa

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