Pattaya sex industry raids will continue

Last year, 13 million went to Pattaya, a city known for more than just its beaches.
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PATTAYA: — Soldiers, police and protective services were out in force in Pattaya as inspections of the resort’s sex industry continued unabated.

This time the authorities concentrated on beer bars in Soi 6.They also checked upstairs to ensure that no short time rooms were being operated.

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When the checks were completed it was announced that all licenses were in order and there was no law breaking of any kind.

But operators in the area were asked to make sure that they were acting within the law and warned that any violations would be stamped on.

Siamchon news reported that all this was done for the good name of Pattaya and to protect tourists visiting the area.

Report shared by Siamchon

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