Video – Find this driver, online search for nutter

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NAKHON SAWAN: — An online hunt is underway after a pick-up driver was caught on dash cam footage driving like a complete lunatic.

The video showed a Toyota overtaking a lorry causing the woman in the oncoming car to have to swerve off the road to avoid a possible fatal collision, Daily News reported.

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The woman ended up injured off the road as her own vehicle overturned in the undergrowth.

While the Toyota driver just sped off offering no help whatsoever.

The footage was posted on the Facebook page of ‘TukTuk Napalntum’. The poster said that the incident happened opposite Suan Lung Sorn, in Nong Bua district of Nakorn Sawan.

The woman driver had some choice words for the person in the Toyota who she described as selfish and lacking any compassion. She exhorted social media users to make every effort to try and track down the driver and bring him to justice.

No mention of police involvement was made in the Daily News story.

Report shared by Daily News

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