Bizarre – Alleged assassin was a Vietnam Pop Idol contestant

Assassin with a Facebook page - Doan Thi Huong as identified by Malaysian media. Photo: The Star
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A Vietnamese woman accused of poisoning King Jong-nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, posted Facebook photos of herself attending parties, in hotel rooms and blowing kisses. 

Twenty-eight year-old Doan Thi Huong worked in Kuala Lumpur’s entertainment industry, according to police, and appeared as a singer on a talent show.

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The latest post on one of Ms Doan’s Facebook pages under the name “Ruby Ruby” was on February 11 – two days before police allege she and another woman confronted Mr Kim and rubbed a deadly toxic substance on his face as he prepared to board a plane to Macau at Kuala Lumpur International airport.

“I want to sleep more but by your side,” Ms Doan wrote above a photograph showing her  wrapped up in bed, eyes closed. The location tag on the post showed she was near the airport at the time.

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Another of the photographs shows she was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, last month.  Another was from the Vietnam Idol Talent Show. A woman bearing a close resemblance to Ms Doan sang on the show as a contestant in June 2016.

Reuters reported that facial recognition tools have matched the pictures of Ms Doan to the woman in custody.

“Can I sing for you tonight,” she wrote on Facebook in March last year. “Reply fast and I will put your number in the comment. I will call and sing for you.”

Malaysian police have rejected claims that Ms Doan and 25-year-old Indonesian Siti Aisyah were duped into believing they were taking part in the prank television show Just for Laughs.

CCTV footage shows them confronting Mr Kim, 46, at the busy airport on February 13, according to police.

Police say the two women practised rubbing their hands with a substance and rubbing in on a victim’s hands many times, including in Kuala Lumpur malls and airport.

The women have been remanded in custody.

Ms Doan grew up in a family that toiled rice paddies in northern Vietnam and left home at the age of 18. She only occasionally returned to visit her family, including her father who fought for the north in the Vietnam War and lost part of his leg.

Vietnamese officials have visited the family and said they would provide her consular assistance.

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