Father found guilty of ‘severely’ sexually assaulting daughter for 2 years

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SINGAPORE: A 42-year-old man was on Wednesday (Feb 15) found guilty of “severely” sexually assaulting his eldest daughter for more than two years, when she was between 11 and 13 years old.

He was convicted by the High Court of 10 charges – nine for sexual assault and one for committing an indecent act with a child.

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The offences were committed in the family’s Choa Chu Kang flat between 2011 and 2014, and ended only when the girl told her mother about what happened.

The girl had tolerated the abuse for years, even though she often felt “angry and confused” after each episode of abuse, because she was afraid to break up her parents’ marriage, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) April Phang said.

But after a particularly bad instance of abuse on Apr 15, 2014, she confided in her mother. “She could not allow her mother to remain in a marriage with the accused,” DPP Phang said. The girl thought “her mother deserved a better husband”. The couple have two other children together.

The distraught mother kicked her husband out of the house on Apr 17. Weeks later, she lodged a police report, applied for a personal protection order against her husband in the Family Court and filed for divorce at the Syariah Court.

At trial, the man accused his ex-wife and daughter of “slander” and claimed they were trying to frame him. He also said it was “inconceivable” that he could have had intercourse with his daughter because a botched penis enlargement procedure had left his penis disfigured.

However, the prosecution questioned why the father did not bring up the botched procedure until 2016, when he had nearly two years to prepare his defence since being arrested in 2014.

DPP Phang argued that the father’s evidence on his deformed penis must be “an afterthought, fabricated to exonerate himself from these serious charges”.


In finding the father guilty of all charges, Judicial Commissioner Aedit Abdullah also noted that although the man had “relied on the condition of his male organ”, he had not raised this point in two years despite having given at least 10 statements to police investigators.

The JC also found the girl to be an “unusually convincing” witness, “not shaken on the stand and capable of giving a cogent account”. “I did not find (any evidence) to support the (father’s) allegation that the (abuse) was dreamt up,” JC Abdullah added.

During the trial, the girl testified that her legs were forced apart and that she was made to perform sexual acts on her father. She said she could not refuse him, even though she tried. In at least one instance, when she refused to open her mouth, her father squeezed her jaw or neck until she did. The court also heard that the man had used olive oil or her brother’s hair gel on her before the assaults.

About 30 family members were in court to hear the verdict.

The defence has requested time to prepare a mitigation plea. The man, who is on bail of S$100,000, is expected to be sentenced next month.

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