International school is ripping off parents say Thai and foreign mums and dads

They don't even provide tissue paper or soap for the children to wash their hands.
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PATTAYA: — Angry parents in Pattaya have gone to the government’s help group Damrongtham Centre to complain about their children’s international school.

They say they are paying for a full term but only getting part time tuition. Curriculums are all messed up and there is poor health standards, reported Pattaya News.

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The parents were accompanied by several students in uniform but the school was not named on the Pattaya News Facebook page.

Parent Rossukhon Curran (name transliterated from Thai language), 39, said they were promised an international curriculum but the school has failed to deliver. They were meant to get a full term for which they had paid but their kids had only got 11 weeks.

In addition there was not even any tissue paper or soap for the children to wash their hands.

When parents complained the school hierarchy just ignored them, she said, adding that most of the students were of mixed nationality.

Taking the complaint at Damrongtham in Banglamung, Tharanya Amornlertpraiwong said that the parents should put their complaints in writing first.

Their grievances would then be properly considered with the possibility that an investigative team of relevant authorities could be sent into the school to investigate their claims.

Report shared by Pattaya News

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