Guy pulls off incredibly funny Valentine’s prank on his girlfriend

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It’s Valentine’s Day, which means couples across the world are going out of their way to one-up each other when it comes to presents and surprises and all that good mushy stuff.

Some couples like to take advantage of that by gifting one another with humorous presents/surprises, like one lad called Jay.

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He messaged his girlfriend earlier on to tell her about something he had in mind…

“Hey lau [sic] I have a surprise for you,” he wrote.

“…ok?” she replied.

“I’ll come pick you up later. You’ll find out then.”

“Awk [sic] stop that. I need to know now, like what do I wear??”

“Hmmmm, okay,” Jay wrote. “So remember you were telling about how you loved Paris?”

“Shut the fuck up, are you real right now,” Laura hit back. “I am CRYING.”

The rest, well, I’ll let the screenshots do the talking. Trust, it’s worth it.

Hilarious. Despite all this it looks like they’ve made up.

JJJ @jayspiersy
aye your welcome for the viral tweet ya fucking moose 
12:41 AM – 15 Feb 2017 · Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Love is in the air.

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