Idiot America – Hundreds pull down their pants and moon Trump Tower

The mindless stupidity continues
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Not long ago, an “comedy group” named S#!t show began organizing an event on Facebook that encouraged people to show up to the Trump Tower in Chicago, and at a specified time turn around, drop their pants, and moon the building.

The idea is that somehow this would get President Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

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On Sunday afternoon, hundreds of people gathered along the Chicago River and did just that, and as you can expect it was all captured on video. Thankfully, Fox 32 was able to capture video that was actually watchable.

The “cheeky statement” turned into a full blown protest crowd, with anti-Trump wording written on both paper, and skin. Before, after, and during the infamous trou-drop they shouted things such as “this is what Democracy looks like,” “kiss my a**,” and “release your taxes!”

Surprisingly, Trump has still not released his tax returns.

And he doesn’t plan to, according to Kellyanne Conway who said on ABC’s This Week that “The White House response is that he’s not going to release his tax returns.”

Shockingly, it would appear that the Chicago protests to get him to do so by exposing themselves to a building he wasn’t in did not work.

-The Blaze

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