Video – Chonburi teen shot dead after parking row

First responders treat Nawapol Puengpai, 17, on a Chonburi city road before taking him to a hospital where he died Saturday evening.
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CHONBURI — A teen boy was shot dead Saturday after he and his friend attacked a 50-year-old man over a parking conflict.

Suthep Poshsomboon, 50, an engineer from Bangkok, waited at the scene for police to arrive after shooting 17-year-old Nawapol Puengpai also from Bangkok, at about 7:30pm in Chonburi province.

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Suthep said he stopped to eat at the Ang Sila seaside market in Chonburi city with his family. After finishing his meal, Suthep found his car blocked by a van. He said the high school students inside refused to move upon request. After some argument, the van finally let Suthep out.

But after he drove a kilometer, he said the same van pursued him and cut him off. A few teenagers got out and surrounded the car, which was also carrying Suthep’s wife, mother and nephew.

When Suthep stepped out, he said that he was attacked by the teens. That’s when he pulled out his 9mm pistol and fired a single shot that he says was meant to scare them off.

The bullet hit Nawapol. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police Col. Chieocharn Permpoon said Suthep was charged with lethal use of a firearm and premeditated murder. He has been granted bail.

The group of teenagers told police that after they moved the van to allow Suthep to leave, he chased after them, so they decided to stop the van to have a conversation with him.

Security camera footage of the encounter shared online prompted heated debate.

Many showed sympathy for Suthep, as they believe he acted in self-defense.

The engineer was reportedly taken to the hospital as he suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes.

-Khaosod English

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