Broken-hearted knife-wielding student runs wild in Phuket police station

The boy (circled) was caught on CCTV chasing the girl through the police station. Photo: Screengrab Phuket City Police
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PHUKET: A 17-year-old Phuket school student who had just been dumped by his girlfriend was caught on CCTV chasing her through Phuket City Police Station last night (Feb 2) waving a knife. The boy is currently being assessed by psychiatrists at Vachira Phuket Hospital.

Lt Col Santi Prakobpran, an investigating officer from Phuket City Station who was at there when the incident took place, told The Phuket News today (Feb 3), “I was on duty when at 7:15 pm a young girl came running into the station. Soon after a young man came running in after her shouting and waving a knife about 25 centimetres long.

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“The boy run around the desks and started shouting that he wanted us to shoot him.

“He kept repeating ‘Shoot me now policeman, shoot me now’,” Lt Col Santi said.

“The boy was very big, but he did not threaten us in any way. He was clearly upset so we didn’t want to hurt him, we just wanted to protect the young girl.

“An hour passed and he stopped shouting and went to calm down in the staircase at the side of the station.”

The boys parents, who were also at the station at the time, told Lt Col Santi that the incident happened because his girlfriend told him she wanted to split up from him.

“He was heart-broken because the girl no longer wanted to be with him,” Lt Col Santi said.

“Once he had calmed down, the boy’s parents took him to Vachira Phuket Hospital where he is now being assessed by a psychiatrist.

“I have not placed any charges against the boy yet, I will question him when he is in a better condition,” he added.

-The Phuket News

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