Drunk Thai girlfriend passes out next to dead tourist

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At 11pm, on the evening of January 31, Pattaya police were called to the R-Con@Siam Hotel in Soi Buakao, central Pattaya, after the body of a Kazakhstani man was discovered in one of their rooms.

After complaints from other guests of a foul smell, hotel staff had entered the room and found the body of forty-one-year old Mr Viktor Vart laying in vomit and feces.

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Laying next to him was a Thai girlfriend who was drunk and unconscious. Medics estimated he had been dead for ‘about a day.’

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In the room there were many empty bottles of alcohol which police assume may have had something to do with the death but the body has been taken for autopsy in an attempt to establish the cause.

Report shared by BangkokJack News Team

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