Brit and South African now charged with Pattaya assassination

Tony Kenway had lived in Thailand for several years

Despite remaining, apparently, on the run the Thai police have this afternoon taken the unusual step of charging Miles Turner Dickens, a British national, and Abel Bonito Caldeira, who bears a South African identity, with the murder of thirty-nine-year old Tony Kenway in Pattaya on Tuesday.

Kenway was shot dead in the driver’s seat of his Porsche as it was parked outside a gym at Mabprachan Reservoir in East Pattaya on Tuesday morning.

Investigating officers quickly revealed they believe the killing to be ‘gang related.’

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Yesterday police announced the pair had used their real passports to rent a motorbike that was later identified as being used by the killers. They also revealed the assassins had slipped across the border into Cambodia just hours later and international arrest warrants were issued.

This afternoon deputy national police spokesman Colonel Krissana Pattanacharoen told AFP: ‘They are now jointly charged with premeditated murder, illegal possession of a firearm and also carrying weapons without permission.’

He gave no further details and did not reveal if the men are now in custody or still on the run.

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