8 Thai prostitutes an embarrassment to the Kingdom

The women said they came to the island using the visa-free treatment Taiwan offers to Thai travelers with the intention of earning money by providing sex before and during the Lunar New Year festival
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TAIPEI: The eight Thai women arrested in Taiwan this week had been charging Baht 2,500 for half-hour sexual services, police confirmed today.

The eight women, aged between twenty and thirty-years old had traveled to Taipei, the Taiwan capital, intending to ‘cash in’ on the Chinese New Year.

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The Taiwan News have reported that the women were arrested at an apartment in the Soonan area of the city after being met by an unnamed contact. They had been in Taipei for only two days before they were caught engaging in prostitution.

The Taiwan media have been complaining about Thai women taking advantage of the regulation allowing Thais to travel to Taiwan without an entry visa and with no questions asked.

Thai media are branding the women an embarrassment to the good name of the Kingdom.

There are now calls for stricter visa regulations for Thais traveling in Asia after repeated abuses of the system by Thai women exporting prostitution around the region.

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