CCTV footage of cold blooded Pattaya assassination emerges

Tony Kenway was shot dead at Mabprachan Reservoir in Pattaya

Gruesome CCTV footage has emerged of the moment a British businessman was slain outside the Sanit Sports Center, Mabprachan Reservoir in east Pattaya at 10.30am this morning (Jan 24)

The footage reveals thirty-nine-year old Mr Tony Kenway walking across the car-park to his red Porsche and from the left-hand side the image of a man wearing dark clothing can be see following him and pulling something from inside his jacket.

As Mr Kenway sits in his car and attempts to close the door the assassin pulls it back open and shoots him twice in the head before running to the main road and jumping onto the back of a white Honda Click motorcycle with the plate number 7992.


Crime scene investigators revealed he had been shot above the right eye with a 7.62mm handgun. Police have retrieved a single cartridge shell and a cigarette butt from the crime scene, which have been sent for forensic examination.

The dead man’s wife, thirty-two-year old Mrs Somporn Kenway, told investigators that her husband was in the process of starting a new internet related business in Jomtien and she was unaware of any problems he may have been having, although she did suggest there may have been unresolved issues with the partner of a previous business.

A witness to the shooting, forty-five year old Mr Kamolphat Kanapermpoon said he had seen the gunman but could not be sure of his nationality.

He said the shooter looked fat, wore a white t-shirt with a black jacket, black trousers, sports shoes and a cap concealing much of his face. He saw him shoot the victim and then escape on the motorbike ridden by an accomplice.

Investigating officers are studying CCTV images from around the area and appealing for more witnesses to come forward with new information about this cold blooded, daylight murder.

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