Robbery at Pattaya diner. Was it the fake watch vendor?

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At 9pm, on the evening of November 9, Pattaya police received reports of a theft at Lee Diners, a restaurant on Second Road, central Pattaya.

The victim, thirty-eight year old Mr Georges Falque, a tourist from Belgium, was having dinner with his girlfriend, Ms Supab Raksapakdee, when a young Thai man approaced and appeared to be selling fake watches.

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The couple declined and continued with their meal but, soon afterwards, Mr Falque realized his bag, hanging at the back of his chair, was missing.

Inside was 10,000 baht in cash.

Investigating officers have taken a statement but it appears the CCTV security system is not working and so nobody has any idea who stole the bag.

Report shared by Pattaya One News Team

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