Video: Survivor Speaks Out on Horrific Croydon Tram Crash

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A survivor told of the “carnage” inside the tram, which “flipped like something out of a film”.

Kevin Snow, who was travelling to work on the tram, said he noticed it did not seem to slow down at the bend and “the next thing I knew we were on our side”.

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The carpet fitter, who suffered a badly bruised shoulder, said the carriages slid for eight to ten seconds before coming to a halt.

Kudirat Okesola said her husband was travelling on the tram and suffered a “massive” cut on his face.

She said some people trapped underneath the tram were calling for help.

“People were screaming. People were crying,” she said.

Andy Smith said he was waiting at a nearby bus stop when he heard “what sounded like a screeching noise, then a bang”.

He said: “[I looked] down the track and I saw carnage. There was a lot of screaming, panicking and commotion. It was a macabre scene.”

Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell said his friend was on the tram.

“He’s been injured, he’s in hospital, he’s going to be ok. But it’s been a very shocking day for the whole community here.

“Thousands of people use these every day to get to work, to get to school and they’re one of the best things about Croydon; we’ve got this fantastic modern environmentally-friendly transport system and it’s had a great safety record.

“This has come as a great shock.”

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