Motor-show girls told to tone it down this year

Event 'pretties' told to tone it down this year.
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Instructions have been sent to the Bangkok Pretties, who are booked to glamorise the Thailand International Motor Expo 2016, to tone down their appearances this year.

Mr Kwanchai Papatphong, the organiser of this year’s show, has said that the ‘pretty girls have to dress politely this year.’

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Pants and skirts, he told them, must cover their knees.

He has also insisted that although exhibitors can play music at their display stands it must not be ‘too loud.’

All the girls are instructed to send their outfits to him so that they can be vetted before the exhibition, which takes place between November 31 and December 12 this year.

This year, the 33rd event, is being held at the Impact Exhibition & Convention Center in Bangkok featuring thirty-six car companies and nineteen motorbike manufacturers and retailers.

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Organisers project 50,000 car sales and 4000 motorcycle sales at this year’s exhibition with customers spending in excess of 50,000 million baht.

1.3 million people are expected to attend and this year shuttle buses will be available to ferry customers from the nearby Mochit, Onuch, Srilom, and Rangsit stations.

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