Learn lesson from ‘Nott’ rage, PM says

Caught on video assaulting a motorcyclist, Akanat ‘Nott’ Ariyaritwikul (in white shirt and inset) was fired by two employers - and now is the butt of criticism by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. Photo: Bangkok Post
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The high-profile road rage incident involving TV actor and programme host Akanat “Nott” Ariyaritwikul should serve as a lesson to drivers, according to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

They should learn self-control and not resort to violence when encountering a problem on the road, he said yesterday.

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Viral video: Bangkok celebrity punches motorcyclist in street rage incident

“Everyone has to try to restrain themselves. Two or three incidents similar to this have occurred recently,” Gen Prayut said.

“I don’t want to see more of such violence. People should try to restrain themselves, be conscientious and have sympathy for one another. Anger won’t do anyone any good,” he said.

On Friday (Nov 4) Akanat, 28, repeatedly punched and tried to force a motorcyclist who scraped a rear light of his Mini Cooper on a downtown Bangkok road to perform a krab (kneel down and wai) in front of the car.

His actions were captured on a mobile phone and posted on social media. The footage sparked a public outcry.

The motorcyclist, Kittisak Singto, 25, told police on Friday that his motorcycle was hit by a taxi, knocking him off balance. His motorcycle then sideswiped Mr Akanat’s car.

He said he tried unsuccessfully to go after the taxi before returning to the scene of the accident.

He said he was immediately grabbed by Akanat, punched several times and ordered to krab before the car, which he did not do. He only gave a wai.

Both Akanat and Mr Kittisak gave statements to Yannawa police on Friday where they both claimed to be the damaged party before agreeing not to take the matter any further.

However, Mr Kittisak and his family returned to the police station on Sunday (Nov 6) to file an assault complaint after the video clip went viral.

Several new reports yesterday, however, quoted Mr Kittisak telling Bright TV in an interview after undergoing hospital treatment for a broken nose that he tried to flee the scene after the accident.

He still insisted his motorbike was bumped by a taxi.

He reportedly told Bright TV he changed his mind about fleeing because he thought the accident with the Mini was likely caught on CCTV footage.

Asked about the alleged hit-and-run confession, Mr Kittisak’s mother, Suthira Hongthong, 53, said her son was probably confused after being barraged with questions during interviews.

Yannawa police investigator Thawip Sutthi, in charge of the investigation, said police were still trying to contact Mr Akanat to acknowledge physical assault charges which carry a jail term of up to 3 years, and/or a maximum B6,000 fine.

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