Thai military creates dedicated hacking center

The Army Cyber Centre was established on 1 November (Photo from Bangkokbiz News)
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After launching a monitoring centre to suppress online lèse majesté content, the Thai army has developed intensive courses for its staff that cover basic hacking skills and cyber security.
On 8 November 2016, the Royal Thai Army published its cyber security course schedule. The courses were made for staff at the Army Cyber Centre, established a week earlier to suppress online lèse majesté content. The courses aim to train its staff in modern cyber threats and how to prevent them.

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According to the schedule, there are seven courses from basic to intermediate levels. The staff will be lectured on basic hacking skills, cyber security, operating systems, advertising skills, communication arts, laws related to cyber crimes and other topics.

Most courses are five-days long except the course on communication arts which will take 15 days. All courses will be held at the Commander Royal Thai Army Office.

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