Hilarious footage shows two bickering grannies in boxing gloves waging war on POLE

The two pensioners inch their way along the pole over a lake in Udon Thani, Thailand
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Dozens of villagers cheered the squabbling grandmothers on as they carefully inched their way along the pole

This hilarious footage shows two bickering grans trying to settle their differences – by having a fight on a pole across a lake.

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The pair of pensioners had reportedly been nagging each other for years in a remote village in Udon Thani, Thailand.

Their pals finally persuaded them to sort out their petty squabbles by having a playful duel on a wooden beam over the water.

Dozens of villagers cheered the pensioners on as they donned boxing gloves and carefully inched their way along the pole.

But after just soft jabs, one of the grans suddenly lost her balance and had to fight the rest of the battle while hanging upside down.

Despite throwing admirable hooks and uppercuts – and even a few upside down kicks – she eventually plunged into the dirty water.

Her victorious opponent in blue was declared the winner and got the bragging rights, with the pair’s squabbles apparently finally sorted.

Onlooker Taraporn Parat, who shared the amusing clip online, said the pensioners were actually best pals – despite their constant nagging of each other.

Taraporn said: ”The best way to end an argument is with something fun like this.

”Everybody had a great time cheering on the two old ladies. t was very funny. I’m sure that they both took it quite seriously.

‘They’re both best of friends really but they do like to bicker. Hopefully this had put a stop to it.”

Report shared by The Daily Mirror

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