Retired Aussie teacher pleads guilty to ‘planning a Thai trip to have sex with underage boys’

Bryan Douglas Cole, 72, pled guilty to guilty sending and receiving child porn, and organising a sex trip to Thailand where he planned to have sexual intercourse with young boys (stock image)
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A retired high school teacher who enjoyed watching child pornography booked a flight to Thailand for a sex trip, a court has heard.

Bryan Douglas Cole, 72, from Vermont, east of Melbourne, pleaded guilty sending and receiving photographs and videos of child porn, as well as organising a sex trip to Thailand, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

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Cole’s bail appeal was refused and he is awaiting sentencing.

On Wednesday, the Victorian County Court heard police raided his home in March and seized 698 files of graphic child pornography on several devices.

Officers also found conversations between Cole and other abusers about their fetishes, where he said he enjoyed watching ‘crying boys’ and ‘abusing babies’.

Crown prosecutor Krista Breckweg said Cole had also booked a ticket to Thailand, where he had plans to have sexual intercourse with young boys.

Ms Breckweg also added that he is the first person in Australia to be convicted of planning to sexually abuse a child outside of the country.

Between 1976 and 1984, Cole had worked as a high school teacher around Melbourne and travelled to Cambodia and Thailand, the Herald Sun reported.

After he was arrested, he told police he had worked with children all his life at school and believed ‘he did nothing wrong’.

Barrister Pardeep Tiwana said Cole’s sex offences were a result of loneliness after his retirement and being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Judge Mark Dean said Cole offences were ‘very serious’.

‘The statements demonstrate he is well aware the children are being exploited, tortured and raped, and subject to unspeakable depravity,’ Judge Dean said.

‘It’s hard to accept this is something that has developed recently,’ he added.

Cole will be sentenced at a later date and remains in custody.

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