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Money for Old Rope

From the Author of the Internationally Bestselling Red Herrings & White Elephants, Pop Goes the Weasel, What Caesar did for My Salad, Shaggy Dogs, They Laughed at Galileo:

Money for Old Rope is essentially a ‘best of’ collection of best-selling books that reveal the origins and history of just about everything we can think of. In fact, as one wise man suggested, it is the history of everything you didn’t realise you wanted to know about, until you found out about it. A must have for dinner conversations and pub chat the world over, this book of history will help to make you feel clever.

To begin with we reveal the history of some of our favourite phrases and learn why we turn a blind eye, a cat has nine lives, who Jack Robinson was, why we toast each other with good health when we are about to poison ourselves with alcohol and how a square meal appeared on the menu. There are hundreds more tales from history that explain how the English language became so rich and expressive.

Money for Old Rope only £1.99 during September
Money for Old Rope only £1.99 during September

Then famous urban legends also get an airing including the creepy hooked hand on the car door story, the legendary phantom hitchhiker and what exactly were the Rolling Stones doing with that Mars Bar and poor old Marianne Faithful. All stories are hilariously explained along with many others. Then the world’s great mysteries are covered in ten minutes flat and the truth about D.B Cooper, the death of Marilyn Monroe and the real Loch Ness Monster, among others, are revealed.

As are the true stories behind Humpty Dumpty, the Grand Old Duke of York and the Three Blind Mice. Many more of our childhood favourite rhymes are also exposed in all of their gory glory.

Then, of course, the fabulous stories of The Red Lion, Marquis of Granby, Garibaldi and the Blind Beggar are revealed and why they are remembered in that typically English fashion of naming a high street pub after them. Loads more of our favourite local boozers also have a tale to tell involving a historic person, or event.

Then we move into the food section and we find out who Margarita was, and why the world’s most famous pizza is named after her, what Benedict had to do with our breakfast eggs and how the Thousand Island’s holiday resort invented the world’s preferred seafood sauce. The great stars from the past have also influenced our favourite foods and we find out what Dame Nellie Melba had to do with peaches (or thin toast for that matter) and how bimbos take their place alongside the great diva between the pages of the dictionary.

Finally we turn to words and discover who Tom the Fool was and how the word tomfoolery became part of our culture. Same too for Blotto Freres and why a drink too many can make you act like his French invention. Who were the original pipsqueeks, those we think are doolally and why there might be something of a kerfuffle about using that particular word. In fact, Money for Old Rope reveals the delightful history of just about everything, from the Anoraks to the Zombies.


Mysterious World only £1.99 during September
Mysterious World only £1.99 during September

Mysterious World

Albert Jack’s Mysterious World is a collection of the world’s most famous and puzzling mysteries.

What really happened to the Mary Celeste?

Who killed Marilyn Monroe?

Where is Bigfoot?

Could Aliens really exist?

From crop circles to the Scottish lighthouse keepers who vanished one stormy night and from religious visions to the spine tingling tale of a restless family tomb, bestselling author Albert Jack has now turned his detective skills to the mysteries that have baffled so many over the years. And he has discovered all kinds of fascinating and surprising evidence.

Using ‘Occam’s Razor’ Jack neatly peels away the myth, the legend, the improbable and unlikely and exams only the plausible.

‘Sometimes the smarter stocking-filler may even help you to think better as well as to trounce the rival quiz crew. From the Bermuda Triangle to the Loch Ness Monster Albert Jack offers a crash course in sceptical thinking. Brilliant’ – The Independent, Books of the Year.


1. The Famous Aurora Spaceship Mystery
2. The Mysterious Death of God’s Own Banker
3. Try to See It from My Angle: The Bermuda Triangle
4. Does Bigfoot Exist?
5. The Spine-chilling Tale of the Chase Vault
6. Committing the Perfect Crime: The Mysterious D. B. Cooper
7. The Real-life Agatha Christie Mystery
8. Who Really Makes Crop Circles?
9. John Dillinger: Whatever Happened to America’s Robin Hood?
10. The Missing Navy Diver
11. The Dover Demon
12. The Mysterious Disappearance of the Lighthouse Keepers of Eilean Mor
13. Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden
14. The Mystery of Our Lady of Fatima
15. What Happened to the Lost King of France?
16. The Strange Case of Kaspar Hauser
17. The Great Loch Ness Con Trick
18. Will the Real Paul McCartney Please Stand Up
19. The Magnetic Strip
20. Whatever Happened to the Crew of the Mary Celeste?
21. The Men Who Cheated Death
22. Not in the Mood: The Real Glenn Miller Story
23. The Mystifying Death of a Media Mogul
24. The Real Da Vinci Code: The Mona Lisa Debate
25. If Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?
26. The Piano Man
27. The Dreadful Demise of Edgar Allan Poe
28. It’s Raining Frogs
29. The Terrifying Affair of Spring-heeled Jack
30. Beware of USOs
31. The St Valentine’s Day Massacre
32. The World’s Strangest Unsolved Crimes

The Greatest Generation – Diary of a 1st & 6th Airborne Paratrooper.

The Greatest Generation is only £1.99 during September
The Greatest Generation is only £1.99 during September

Bert Childs was with the 1st Airborne Division when they made their debut jump in North Africa.

He was almost shot down on the way to Sicily and became one of the first recruits into the 6th Airborne Division in 1943.

With them he dropped at Pegasus Bridge, battled the Bulge, jumped the Rhine and fought through northern Germany to meet the Russians on the Baltic Coast.

Diary of a 1st & 6th Airborne Paratrooper is his first hand recollections of those adventures and reveals the minds and personalities of the men who carried out such dangerous war-time operations.

New World Order – Bilderberg Conspiracy and The Last Man in London.

Imagine a world with no countries, no religion and no democracy. Imagine the fall of the Great Western Empire. Historically, most Empires created by man have risen and fallen during a period of around five-hundred-years. The Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, the Moors and the Ottomans all, in their turn, reigned supreme until apathy, arrogance and, laziness led to their downfall.

New World Order is only £1.99 during September
New World Order is only £1.99 during September

However, Mankind would never become extinct as new societies inevitably replace existing social structures sooner or later. By 2016 AD the great and so called democratic Western Empire, which began with the Age of Discovery during the 15th century, was tired, corrupt and had run out of ways of oppressing, cheating and taxing the societies it was supposed to represent, democratically.

For decades the pressure had been building, conflict had been growing and it became obvious that Democracy in the Western World was under threat. It had run its natural course and would be unworkable if the West were to survive.

Western values and the religion of Islam were non-compatible and the conflict became so intense that the system of democracy would fail. Ethnic tensions increased; violence and disorder followed and people longed for a return to their traditional values.

Chaos requires strong leadership. Men of authority. Men like Julius Caesar who could restore the natural order. Bring in a New Order. If the West is to survive then Democracy must be sacrificed. The question is ‘what happens next?’

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